Hello! I'm Agathe.

I am a creative front-end developer
based in London, UK

I'm front-end and email developer from France currently based in London. I am passionate about creating engaging user experiences through clean code and visually appealing designs.

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Design + Code

Multiple pages website dedicated to a french accounting software. It was designed in Photoshop, built on Bootstrap with SASS, and contains CSS animations and a PHP contact form.

Henderson Knowledge Exchange

Design + Code

Three pages event microsite built for a global asset management company. It's built on Bootstrap with HTML, ASP and SASS, and includes an ASP registration forms.

StoneShot preference centre

Design + Code

Single preference centre page built for my current company. It's designed in Photoshop and built on Bootstrap, with HTML and ASP. Contains CSS animations and some jQuery.

Personal Projects

Pure Javascript Calculator

UI + Code

This was my first "pure javascript" project. A simple calculator with a nice interface

Pure JavaScript to do list

UI + Code

To build this to do list, I dug deeper into Object Oriented Programming.

SVG animated scenery

Illustration + Code

I really enjoyed learning about the power of SVG with this project. I used Illustrator to create the design, and CSS keyframes to animate the different components.

Pure CSS scenery


For this project, I recreated this great design this great design using CSS only. I've used SASS function to generate the repetitive elements, and added a few subtle CSS animation to finish the look.

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